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CleanLine XL
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CleanLine XL™ is a series of extra deep, heavy-duty commercial grade aluminum landscape edgings designed to function in the most demanding professional landscapes. It is engineered to maximize design sustainability and provide long-term durability by withstanding the demand of professional lawn maintenance and volume pedestrian traffic.

Designed to be utilized in the landscape for deep separation, large aggregate retention, raised bed applications, or other applications which require extra durability or depth.
The unique XLR Adaptor allows for a secure, aesthetic connection of adjoining sections, as well as flexibilty in staking options.
Includes heavy-duty 18” interlocking aluminum stakes that securely anchor it into the ground, providing long-term retention and ensuring that your designs will stand the test of time.
Intended Applications: High Volume Pedestrian Areas
Green Roof
Deep Separation
Equestrian Rings
Rip Rap / Large Stone Bedding
Urban Landscaping
Raised Bed Areas
Root Barrier Edging
Mixed Use Walkways
Municipal/Industrial Landscaping


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