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Macrolux® sheeting has been designed as a glazing product. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to confirm with their own architect, engineer or other professional consultants that the goods offered by CO-EX meet the requirements and specifications of the particular project and use for which they are being purchased.
You can be assured that from transport to installation, Macrolux® will maintain its durability. Even when exposed to elevated outdoor temperatures over a long period of time, it will maintain its structural integrity. It resists cracking and splintering during fabrication, assuring you a high degree of safety and it can be cold formed on site.
Among the thermoplastic products used in the building industry, Macrolux® co- extruded thermoglazing has a high impact resistance - 200 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than acrylic.
A Macrolux® 8mm panel is so strong it can withstand the impact of a 16 lb. weight, falling 25 feet onto the panel, with no breakage. It will maintain its impact strength over a wide temperature range from - 40°F to 250°F.
The multi-walled construction of the Mac- rolux® sheet offers high thermal resistance, giving excellent thermal insulating values while blocking UV transmission.
A factory applied condensation control is available on Macrolux® panels. Reducing surface tension, the condensation control al- lows water to spread into a thin sheet rather than form into droplets. It is available for all applications from greenhouses to backyard patio covers.
Intended Applications: HOME IMPROVEMENT: for easy do-it-yourself projects like window replacements, shower enclosures, hobby green-houses, partitions, light covers, patio covers, carports and more.

HORTICULTURAL:for greenhouse coverings where good thermal insulation is necessary together with high light transmission.

ARCHITECTURAL GLAZING: with the ability to be cold-formed into arches, Macrolux® offers architects design freedom that is not possible with other glazings. Consider the possibilities of using Macrolux® for walkways, indoor shopping centers, swimming pool coverings, skylights, and other space enclosures.

INDUSTRIAL BUILDING:for various glazing applications, skylights, walkways, windows, shelters, and insulated roofing.


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