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Macrolux® sheeting has been designed as a glazing product. It is the sole respon- sibility of the customer to confirm with their own architect, engineer or other professional consultants that the goods offered by CO-EX meet the requirements and…

SUNLITE has a cellular polycarbonate structure that yields a lightweight sheet with high impact strength and superior thermal insulation. High light transmission makes SUNLITE ideal for varied roofing, wall cladding, and glazing…

I-SYS® stainless steel cables, rods, and hardware possess the qualities most desired by discerning architects, designers, and engineers: high quality, striking aesthetics, and full recyclability. I-SYS® is perfect for visual displays, green wall…

Presto’s GEOBLOCK® system is a series of high-strength, interlocking, rigid pavers with unparalleled load distribution, and greatest turf protection with minimal base.

Large GEOBLOCK porous paving units are designed for maximum load transfer and…

The Presto GeoPave® system is an economical solution, delivering long-term stability of the aggregate surface while acting as a natural on-site stormwater retention system. Meet green building goals and earn LEED credits.

GeoPave paving units are…

PlybooStrand uses strand technology to turn 100% rapidly renewable bamboo into a beautiful yet exceptionally durable green building material. PlybooStrand is architectural grade strand bamboo plywood and can be cut and sanded using conventional…

The natural wood grain is visible through the translucent color surface making each panel unique. Koskisen Plywood is a natural material, with variations in color, grain, and tone. Individual panels may vary in the luster or matte character of their…

100% Coconut fiber blanket.

100% Straw blanket.

100% Straw blanket.
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